venerdì 5 gennaio 2018

A Hardboiled Murder by Michelle Ann Hollstein

The body of a film star crashes upon the roof of a moving tramcar, a mystery author is discovered hardboiled and bobbing in a hot tub, a home is ransacked, and two grandmothers are battling.

With bleached blonde hair, an English accent, a brand spanking new red-hot turbo machine, and an oversized pocketbook to match every outfit, Aggie’s sure to stick her nose into everyone’s business. But is Aggie over her head when the clues she unearths hit a little too close to home?

Join Aggie in another fun-filled Palm Springs mystery. Who knew the desert could be so much fun?

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Michelle Ann Hollstein resides in Southern California with her two wonderful children and her spoiled pup, Dougal. She’s the author of the quirky and comical Aggie Underhill Mysteries, the Fantasy Trilogy The Niberia Chronicles, the paranormal mystery series A Lost Souls Novel, the nonfiction series Who Says You Can’t Paint?, and written under the name M.A. Hollstein the new horror/suspense series with a sci-fi twist Fatal ReactionYou can visit her website to learn more about her books and to view book trailers.

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