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Book Tour: Midlight by Autumn Grace

If the daylight doesn’t kill you, the diurnal ones will. But when death is the one requirement to be transitioned into a mechanized Hybrid, why spend another night lost in the dark?

Deadly radiation has forced the population to become nocturnal in an effort to avoid the mutilating effects of daylight. While this helped for a time, rogue groups began neglecting these practices, increasing the death rate and the need to finalize a procedure to bring the dead back to life. This controversial advancement became means for prosperity to President Umber as he took over the growing city of Umber Heights.

Five years ago, Bain woke up on the side of the road with no prior memories. After three years of serving as a brutal Corsair for Ailand’s ruthless leader, Beckett, Bain cuts ties with his current life. He must revisit his estranged friend in his safe coastal town with the proposal to join him in Umber Heights, the only place Beckett and Umber’s feud prohibits Beckett from entering. Bain and Argon struggle to get their relationship back, cautiously diving deeper into their romantic feelings while trying to balance conflicting personalities and Bain’s lack of readiness to open up.

Now in Heights seemingly for good, Bain must determine if the lines of right and wrong really do gray when it comes to protecting human life over man-made creation.

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It’s a few hours from dawn when I’m leaning against the wall in Argon’s room above the Big House. He’s throwing some clothes into a bag, but my eyes keep finding the door like I'm waiting for someone to barge in and stop him from going.

He’s got that energetic bounce to his step that he used to have, that constant smile back on his face. He looks like he might pass out from running back and forth, trying to find everything he’ll need.

Are you sure you want to go right now? I ask, my hand going to the back of my neck. Someone behind the bar said Charrie was looking for you earlier. He wanted to talk, said it was important.

What? he says breathlessly, looking up from his bag. He's probably sleeping already. Why?

I squint my eyes, looking out the frost-cracked window. I can see my reflection, but past it, I can make out vague silhouettes of buildings as the stars flicker out. You haven’t slept. You’re okay to walk?

Argon looks at me like I’m not making sense. Of course, I am. Do you not want to leave yet? Does your leg still hurt?


Then we can wait a few nights. He drops his bag on the bed. There’s no rush.

I half-smile, but my leg hurts a lot more than I’m letting on. As he nods and his eyes shift toward the door, I realize my eyes have been following his.

I ask, Is something wrong? Why do you keep looking at the door?

What? He looks back at me. Nothing.

Okay. The sun should be up soon. You should get some sleep. I’m going to get my things and see if I can find Charrie for some pain pills.

Wait, he says, when I go to leave.

I stop.

Have you seen Wren?

No. Why?

Argon looks like he’s about to say something, but he shakes his head, standing up a little straighter, and I notice we're the same height now.

Nothing. Never mind. She's probably with Rusty.

The truth is I've been avoiding Wren. If she knows I'm leaving, she'll throw a fit. She'll tell Beckett, and I need to get far away from the both of them before he finds out.

Autumn Grace grew up in New England with her mom, older brother, younger sister, and her identical twin. Her aim is to bring diverse characters outside of genres they have identified with to promote equality and acceptance. She’s drawn to retro-futuristic concepts and is obsessed with robots and aliens.

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