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The Sisterhood by Alison Clarke

Series: The Sisterhood #1

A story full of magic, positivity, and a call to arms for women of all ages and from all backgrounds, to be the change we want to see in the world. 

When Oppie and Aurie are faced with a terrible battle between good and evil, they discover that friendship and sisterhood are the most precious things in the world. 

In a realm where magic and legend still exist, it's easy to think that when you're just an ordinary girl, you'll never get the chance to be written into the history books. But when Oppie, and her dragon friend Aurie, find themselves on a mission to defeat the evil, oppressive forces of darkness, in the form of the dragon, Royzendeus, they discover that history is never made alone. As they travel, their army of light grows, and Aurie discovers that as a girl, she is blessed with an entire sisterhood she never realised existed.

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I’m an award winning young adult fantasy author of The Sisterhood Series. I won the award 2016 Writer Of The Year for The Sisterhood, Book One Of The Sisterhood Series. Racine, Book Two, has already been nominated for Book Of The Year.

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