lunedì 1 gennaio 2018

The Unwilling Recruit by John Evans

Journalist John Hunt is known for taking any risk necessary to get the story. That is until his careless ambition leads to a hefty price. Reporting in Syria, John leads his cameraman Andrew three miles out of the safe zone. An explosion strikes. No one should have survived. But John did.

After six months of rehabilitation, John is finally out of the hospital, he’s also out of work, and a horrific disfigurement is a constant reminder of that day. Already skating the edge of sanity, he is pushed further when his deceased cameraman pays him a visit. Both men should have died that day, yet one survived. Why, and to what end?

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Having spent ten years working as an actor and film-maker John was forced to give that career up several years ago in order to look after his mother following a debilitating stroke.

Now, working from home John has once more found a way to bring out his creative nature. Beginning with Caring For Mum, a factual handbook which deals with the challenges in caring for an elderly relative, John has since progressed into fiction.

The Unwilling Recruit begins a long running series of novels which, John hopes, will keep readers entertained for many years.

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